Why we fight

Saint Tropez Bay, August 15, 1944...

Captain Ralph Miller and 16 paratroopers from Baker Company of the 509th PIB are mistakenly dropped off Pampelonne beach.

None will ever be found.

The US paratroopers came to liberate Southern France from four years of German and Italian occupation. They left their families, their homes, their countries and volunteered for an elite corps, with new and risky warfare methods. They had followed a drastic selection and a hard training.

They did not come as conquerors. They came as liberators.

They did not come to impose oppression. They came to restore freedom.

We cannot and do not want to forget. Since 2009, AIRBORNE-COMMAND has been actively involved in the memory of US paratroopers in World War 2.

Captain Miller and his 16 men, as well as all the US paratroopers who fought for freedom, will not be forgotten. This is the meaning of our commitment.

Tribute to Dragoon: Why we fight in a few minutes of film

Veterans and their loved ones are our family

We meet veterans on the locations of their battles and of their memories, as well as with their families with whom we create very close ties, to honor their memory and show them our gratitude.

We honor the memory of the departed

We are committed to honoring the memory of departed veterans by setting up memorials or commemorative plaques and by collaborating with local communities to promote memory and historical veracity at the scene of their battles and exploits.

"Stand at the door!"

To better understand and honor the sacrifice and value of veterans, we follow their example. We jump from historical aircraft, in period attire, wearing imposing equipment, with the same discipline and with the concern of getting as close as possible to the conditions of their historic jumps.

Historians of details

We reenact the uniforms and equipment based on vintage photographs and historical documents. Nothing is left to luck, down to the colors and types of paint used for camouflage or special equipment specifically used by some units.

Stronger together

We pay particular attention to the esprit de corps, team spirit and the fun-loving culture typical of US paratroopers. It is a joint effort where everyone brings their life and professionnal experience, their qualities and complete their comrades to best represent the US Airborne units of World War II.

Educate, to never forget

We participate in promoting of the memory of those who gave everything by educational actions, by supporting historical and audio-visual projects, by our communication actions and our collaboration with French and foreign associations from all countries.